Serco 230 Series Loader

The SERCO 230 was built with added lift capacity and additional features for Western U.S. and Western Canadian requirements.


Boom Data

  • 25’ Fold under Knuckle Boom Standard
  • Fabricated from high strength structural steel.

Boom Cylinders

  • Main 7” x 42” x 3-1/2”
  • Secondary 6” x 36” x3
  • Bolt on glands for ease of service

Swing System

  • Double planetary gearbox driven by a hydraulic motor.
  • Swing cushion valve for smooth starts and stops.


  • Triple hydraulic system.
  • 90 gallon in frame tank
For a complete list of specifications and options:
Download a printable SERCO 230 brochure
Serco 230 Series Loader

Serco 230 Series Loader

Serco 200 Series Loader