Serco 7500 Series Loader

You asked for it and we complied. Modeled after the very popular Serco 7000 the Serco 7500 with its added lift capacity, bolt on cylinder heads, high strength pins, bushings and additional options as well as its light weight, speed, strength and reliability has made this model a great fit for multiple applications and industries.


Boom Data

  • 22’ Knuckle Boom extensions to 25’
  • Lightweight high strength steel
  • 2-1/2” high strength pivot pins
  • Bronze alloy heat treated pivot bushings

Boom Cylinders

  • 5” x 31” x 2-1/2”
  • Double acting with ductile iron internal components and hard chrome plated shafts, bolt–on glands for east of field service.


  • 600 degree non-continuous, mechanical stops
  • 26” rotation bearing powered by a single Hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox


  • Telescoping A-frame type.
  • Double acting 3” x 40” x 2” cylinders.


  • Tandem hydraulic system providing 30 & 30 GPM
  • Stack type control valves with joystick Controls
  • 55 gallon reservoir.
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Serco 7500

Serco 7500

Serco 7500